Your business should sprint out of this recession

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Trouble adapting your message to our current crisis?

In times like these, your business must change your messaging, adapt your plan, and use the right words to help your survive and thrive in this uncertain economy.

I believe, with the right words, your business can sprint out of this crisis rather than crawl out. 

Book your strategy call so your business sprints out of this crisis.


Get feedback to fine tune and pivot your brand's message


Create a new one-liner that quickly explains what you do

Understand how to implement your StoryBrand messaging

Customer Reviews

Your help was foundational and inspirational. We have been trying to find our message for 4 years. You helped us do it in 1 hour!

David Michonski |

Pivot your Message Now

You’ll Learn How to:


Adapt your "story pitch" to keep you, your employees, and your audience focused and engaged


Create a new One-liner to help you clearly explain what you do


How to write an email campaign you can begin using immediately


What your website should say right now and how to make it more effective


How to pivot your business strategy and offerings to keep money flowing

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2. We spend 90 minutes together

This will be 90 minutes of solid 1-on-1 coaching to help you pivot and grow.


With your adapted message, an email campaign template, and clear strategy to move forward, your business will be positioned to sprint out of this recession.



To be honest, most organizations are leaving way too much money and opportunity on the table. There are too many great people running great organizations that aren’t living up to their full potential simply because they have a messaging problem. 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Josh works with businesses, churches, and nonprofits helping them create a message that is interesting and compelling so they understand how they fit into the story their audience is living. 

Josh has served as an Executive Pastor for over 15 years before going full-time into his own business helping organizations implement the StoryBrand framework. After applying the StoryBrand framework to his church, he saw attendance grow 76% in less than 60 days and donations grow 104% that year. That’s when Josh realized, most organizations have a messaging problem. If they can get out of their own way, learn how to talk about who they are and what they do, they can increase their influence and do amazing things in the world. Josh has made it his life’s mission to help great organizations create better marketing so they can change the world.

Pivot your message now

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storybrand certified guide

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide I’ve spent countless hours learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team how to execute the StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple framework. 

As an expert in the framework I can help my clients leverage the power of story to create clarity that engages their audience and grows their business.


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