Learning the framework is only half the battle.
Now it’s time to execute.

You’ve read the book, Building a Storybrand, attended the live workshop in Nashville, or watched the online course. Now what? How do you know your brandscript it right? How do you implement it now that you’ve got your message just right.

Each month, I’m opening up our group coaching to 12 business leaders who are ready to capitalize on their StoryBrand brandscript. If you’re ready to execute what you’ve learned and build marketing collateral that will transform your business, join our four week online coaching cohort and start seeing a return on your marketing time and money.

Here’s how our online StoryBrand cohort will transform you company

fine tune your brandscript icon.png

Fine-tune your BrandScript and make sure it’s clear

You’ll get direct feedback from a StoryBrand expert to make sure your BrandScript is crystal clear before you waste any more money or time creating content with the wrong message.


Create a profitable one-liner for your business

We'll use your BrandScript to create a one-liner that makes you money. No longer will people tune you out after they ask you, “What do you do?”

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Create marketing collateral that works

You’ll learn how to create a compelling homepage, email campaign, and lead generators using the StoryBrand framework and get feedback on the work you submit.

Use the power of numbers to make more money and grow your business

I truly believe we learn best from the input of others. In fact, so many of us are so close to our business, the only way we can see our business the way our customers see it is through an outside perspective.

Through our one-month StoryBrand cohort, you’ll not only get coaching and content review from a StoryBrand expert, you’ll also have the opportunity to give and receive peer feedback each week with other members of the cohort.

You’re just clicks away from creating a killer sales funnel

  1. Register for the upcoming cohort

    Use the link below to register for the next open cohort. Remember, registration is limited to 12 people, so don’t miss your chance!

2. Log-in each week and do the work

We’ll host our meetings online so you can join each week from your office, home, or favorite coffee shop. We’ll have a one hour meeting at the same time each week and then you’ll have homework (not a lot) between each meeting.

3. Get the content you need to grow your business!

Finally, with a great BrandScript, some solid peer review, and coaching from a StoryBrand expert, you have a solid foundation to create great content that will transform your business!

Upcoming Open Cohorts

September 2019

Choose from the following schedule:

Meeting for 60 minutes each Wednesday (9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25) at 11 AM CST.

Meeting for 60 minutes each Thursday (9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26) at 12 PM CST.