Maximize Your Online Presence

Your website is the front door to your church. 95% of your visitors will get their first impression of you based on your website. Make sure it communicates clearly, who you are, what's important, and why they should visit your church.

Improve Your Communication

Let's face it, we all have those people that say, "I didn't know that was happening." With a clear website that communicates effectively, your congregation and potential visitors will know exactly what's happening.


Grow Your Church

Healthy things grow. Healthy churches grow in two ways: numerically and spiritually. Clarify your message not only on your website but also on Sundays, gets your church on the same page, understanding the same vision, and fighting for the right mission.


Ministry can be Difficult, Having a Great Website Shouldn't Be. 

Many great churches are run by a small staff who wear lots of hats.  Often you and your staff have to run multiple communication processes, prepare sermons, lead groups, counsel, and the list goes on.  I served in Pastoral Ministry for 20 years, I know the time constraints and how labor intensive ministry can be. Often, our influence online takes a back seat in order to deal with the urgency of our church.  I can help.

I work with churches and nonprofits to capture the personality of your organization and communicate your message clearly so people start paying attention to what you're saying.

Using the SquareSpace platform, I will design a website that fits your unique needs, including plug-ins and other features that you don't always find on a SquareSpace site. 

We Want to Put You Back in The Driver's Seat... if you want.

Once we design your site, you have the option to update future content yourself, allow us to assist you, or we can run the whole thing for you.  This gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do and delegate the things you don't have time to do.  


Mars Hill Church is known for their excellent verse-by-verse teaching, authentic community, and simple church design, however, their website was not communicating to new and potential visitors very well.  They had the greatest message ever told, yet they weren't being heard online.  

After listening to their frustrations, understanding the message they wanted to communicate, and grasping the personality and vision of the church, we were able to design a site for them that made their online presence louder, more clear, and people started paying attention.

The Results, 31 days after launching their new site:
  • 210%

    Increase in Online Traffic

  • 70%

    Increase in Sunday Attendance

  • 46%

    Increase in Online Giving

  • 170%

    Increase in Weekly Livestream Views

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 11.29.06 AM.png


Their old site didn't look bad, but it was busy, had tons of information, and made finding relevant information confusing. As a multi-site church they need to make clarity a priority and help potential visitors understand how simple and easy it would be to visit them on a Sunday.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 11.31.05 AM.png


We were able to remove about 85% of the words, reword the important stuff so it was clear and to the point. We laid out their site in a more simple, easy to use format that allowed visitors to quickly find information about attending a service, listening to sermons, or donating online.