What Do You Want to be Known For?

Most churches believe their brand is the logo and values they put on their website and lobby wall. However, your brand is really the perception people have of your organization, good or bad, whether it's true or not. In other words, your brand is defined by how people inside and outside your church talk about you.

Many churches struggle to talk about their message with clarity which leaves their body and visitors confused and many walking away.

Churches with clarity and focus change their community, make disciples, and have greater impact for the Kingdom of God.


Josh Taylor is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter, has served in full-time pastoral ministry for over 15 years, and a graduate of the University of Mobile and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Josh spends most of his time training future ministry leaders, coaching pastors, and helping businesses, churches, and organizations discover how to talk about who they are so they can do amazing things in the world.

Hire Josh to lead an on-site, one or two-day strategy session with your team to introduce them to the StoryBrand Framework, complete a marketing sales funnel, clarify your message, understand your processes, and craft a message that speaks to your customers and grows your organization.